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Demo Reels

Demo Reels

Demo Reels


A demo reel is something every working actor needs.  The demo reel is often how casting directors see what you can do on camera.

You can be one of the hundreds of actors whose agent submits them for a role or you can be the actor that is self marketing to casting directors and PROVING that they have the acting chops for the job at hand.

Join the Fort Worth Actors Studio today.  In every class, we hone our skills AND focus on growing our demo reels.  We focus on determining your “type”, decide how to market that “type”, create and/or find scenes that will show others you are that “type”, and then shoot footage to add to your demo reel.

Take control of your career today by joining The Fort Worth Actors Studio.  For more info: CLICK HERE

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“This is exactly the encouragement I needed to jump start my career.”

“Our son has always dreamed of doing this, but we’ve been very careful and discerning– waiting for an opportunity that is quality and family-friendly.  We’re so glad we’ve found you!”