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  1. Christian Peterson

    I am on the editorial team of Voyage Dallas Magazine. We write about the hidden gems of Dallas and the surrounding areas – from the best restaurants to the best gyms, salons, photographers etc.
    We’re working on a series of articles featuring interviews with Dallas’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent businesses and we’d like to feature you.
    There is no cost involved – but we’ll need to interview either the owner/founder or one of the key team members. Please let me know if you are interested in being featured.
    I’ll try to send you a separate email as well.
    Christian Peterson

  2. Madison johnson

    Hi I’m Madison! And im 12 and I have a lot of experience with actin actually I’ve been to 9 nine before and I would love to co time my acting carrer!!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the message, Madison. Please e-mail for more info. or register online for class. We are offering a Teen Acting Class starting the last week of August (ages 12-17). The class is Wednesdays 5:00-6:45. That would probably be a good fit!

  3. Dave Davis

    I have a 15 year old daughter interested in joining your group. She has recently moved into the Fort Worth area and would like to dive into your experience. Could she start immediately. She has been involved in some productions in youth dance but has a heart for theater.

  4. Francisco Javier Donate

    Hi, my daughter Rocio Donate was absent from her Bootcamp on February. She just get two classes. I just whant to know if it possible to take that course tha she miss. I asking for you to considerate that we have to travel to our home in Puerto Rico and there was some change on the schedule on class on that time because of the cold weather.

    If you whant to call me, my phone num is 787 643 4709.

  5. Melissa Bevers

    Hello, I have a 15 year old daughter who has already done some acting classes. She is looking for a place to help her learn more and grow her resume. We would like to get some more information on how to set her up. Thanks

  6. Jessica Moore


    My daughter is going to be in Ft. Worth for the summer (July & August). Do you offer summer lessons? I so what is the schedule and pricing for the classes. Thank you!

  7. Ayanna Armstrong

    Hello, I am a 19 year old college student seeking an acting career. I signed up for the boot camp for June 7-9, but I was wondering if I can get more information on more training through your studio.

  8. Melissa Walker

    Hello, I am trying to find the right workshop/classes for my son who is out of high school and looking for a career in editing/producing/film making. He did this in high school… won awards… loves doing this kind of stuff. Would you happen to know the best place he can plug in at? We are in Cleburne TX. Thanks!!

    1. admin Post author

      Please email us at: We would love to help! We primarily focus on classes for Acting for Camera, Voice and Diction, but can highly recommend the Lone Star Film Society’s upcoming Film camp for kids & teens interested in working behind camera and in crew positions. If he’s older than 19, please email and we’ll chat.

    1. admin Post author

      We provide headshots to our members at one of the best prices in town. For non-members, we recommend looking at Core Talent or Linda McAlister’s websites – they have different headshot photographers listed on their sites.

  9. Susan Melton

    Hi! I really enjoyed meeting Austin last week and now I woud love to try a cold read boot camp when is your next one? Thank you so much

  10. Michael

    I really want to get into acting does anyone have any tips. I just started taking acting classes and I did a project soon to have head shots any guidance here? I know that its not a fast pace game however I wouold like to find some good avenues.

    1. admin Post author

      If you’d like to audit an acting class at our studio for free, please email You can begin networking in the audit and meet us – Our Cold Read Boot Camp is the class that will answer all of your questions. Please, check out that class.

  11. Sharrice

    Do you all have prices for headshots and demo reels? My son just got into acting and needs some professional ones for his profile.

  12. Korayne Love

    Hello! I am 18 and wanting to get deeper into my acting so that I can work on my theater acting. I was wondering if this is a good workshop to help get better with my career as a theatre actress. Thanks

  13. nella

    i really wanna do acting because i want to express how i feel i just want people to take my advice and follow they dreams and have fun as a young person

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