Our Philosophy

Acting is our passion and we LOVE to teach, but the old adage, “those who can, DO, and those who can’t – TEACH,”  does not apply.   All of our instructors absolutely CAN and DO and HAVE but are also aware enough and compassionate enough to give back to the next wave of talent.  We feel that this, without a doubt, differentiates us, our teachers, and our guest speakers, and is evolution away from the often, total self-consumption of this industry.  Aria-BTS-comets-tail

We focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows a student to take risks of  vulnerability and exercise imagination.  We and our staff of professional actors/teachers strive to nurture each students creativity.  We are all dedicated to helping you develop a personal technique for on-camera television and film performances.  All of our instructors are also active performers, auditioning and acting in professional environments — bringing home real world experience and a network of professional connections to share with you.   We create opportunities to grow together as a group, attending premieres and festivals.  Plus, two to three times a year, we bring in other professional industry guest speakers/instructors that will broaden your horizons, your network, and your mind.  

2 thoughts on “Our Philosophy

  1. John Holmes

    Is your company a casting director too? If so could you provide the projects?

    Do you offer headshots for actors?

    Do you help actors get work before they finish all the classes and same with agent?

    I had the pleasure of meeting Natheon on the set of Washington Armor

    1. admin Post author

      We are not a Casting Office or a Talent Agency. We offer headshots for actors, yes – but also recommend other headshot photographers in the area, as that is not what we specialize in. We provide acting classes and networking for students. We have relationships with agents in the area and are often used as a referral to the agents to say – yes or no about someone’s work ethic and character. We would love for you to take a class with us or audit. We highly recommend Cold Read Boot Camp – that is where all of your questions will get answered.

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