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A Note from Nathan & D’Lytha:

Fort Worth Actors Studio opened its doors in the summer of 2015.  
While filming our feature, Aria Appleton, we learned from the 
actors that Fort Worth didn't have a training program for 
Acting for the Camera.  We decided our town needed a "gym" 
for actors to flex their muscles and play.

We had been to A LOT of acting classes over the years that made us 
feel insecure, unwelcome, and the teachers often tried to throw our 
values out the door.  We wanted something different.  So, we 
created the acting class WE wanted.

At Fort Worth Actors Studio, we try to welcome everyone where they are.  
We love it when people decide to invest in themselves and we love helping 
people in their personal development & acting journeys. Regardless of 
where you come from or what your goals are (a motivated hobbyist, an 
aspiring or professional actor, someone who wants to gain confidence 
in social situations), our Studio can help.   Our classes are safe and secure and we try to create a family friendly environment.

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.

Nathan & D'Lytha

Group classes and private instruction for all ages.
Classes are held in Fort Worth, in the Ridglea Hills area, off of Camp Bowie Blvd.
~  Acting for the Camera
        Dive deep into scene work to bring out your best.
        Hone your TV & Film auditioning skills.
        Gain tools to impress and book the role.
        Personal attention to help take you to your next level.

Regardless of your age and training, Fort Worth Actors’ Studio will help facilitate your goals for acting for the camera.  Bring your enthusiasm, focus & commitment; experience exciting personal growth.  We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for our children, as well for adults.   

All acting classes are On Camera.  Classes focus on Cold Reading and Audition Skills, as well as Scene Study and Improv. 

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  1. Dawn Elliott

    Hi, looking for by 17 yo, no experience teen some classes for improv. I expect fun with skills training. Your about you says little. Who are you? Other than the producers of the two noted films. Some details would be nice. Thanks

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