Registration Fee
The Kids Classes often have registration fees to secure your spot in class.  Our adult/teen classes do not have registration fees. 

Ages for Classes
Our Cold Read Boot Camp and weekly acting classes are designed for 14 year olds and adults.  We have made exceptions for 10 – 13 year olds to join our Cold Read Boot Camp and weekly adult/teen classes in the past – but those kiddos already have agents, have TV/Film credits, and/or have been on Broadway or Broadway tours.

Regarding weekly classes, we usually have 1-4 teens in a weekly class and the rest of the class is comprised of adults 18-75 year olds. Our Kids Classes are currently on hiatus post COVID, however when reinstated, they are designed for ages 8-13, though sometimes a 14 or 15 year old will join the class because they do not feel ready to join the weekly adult/teen classes.  Additionally, the kids classes are designed for children who can read at a 3rd grade reading level and beyond. Please do not sign your child up for class unless they are actually interested in Acting for TV/Film – we are not a babysitting company.   Please call ahead to discuss kids classes or referrals. 

Payment for Weekly Classes
Tuition is payable in advance and is due on the first of the month.  Tuition for classes does not change because of absences. There are no refunds but we can offer credit for future classes in some situations.

Discounts for Weekly Classes
Pay for 3 months at a time: 5 % off
Pay for 6 months at a time: 8 % off
Pay for 12 months at a time: 12% off
Send dlytha@fwactors.com a note telling us that you would like this payment option.  We will send you a payment link or you can pay with cash/check. 

Payment for Workshops and Events
Payment in full for workshops and events secures your slot for those workshops/events.  Our current members (students who are paid in full for at least one month) get discounts on workshops and events.

Cancellation or Combining of Classes
Fort Worth Actors’ Studio reserves the right to cancel or combine classes if the class enrollment drops below 6 students. 

You may cancel at any time but you will not receive a refund for the month(s) already paid. If you attend any portion of the month, you are responsible for paying a full month’s membership dues.  

Inclement Weather
Please use your own discretion for your own safety.  We will post to Facebook and will send you an e-mail for closings due to inclement weather.  We will do our best to make-up classes, but do not make any guarantees. 

Final Sale Policy
We have a FINAL SALE POLICY for all memberships, classes, private instruction, and workshops. The Studio gratefully accepts unused account credits as donations to the FWACTORS Scholarship Fund, so you can help us help others.

Family Friendly
We are a family friendly program. We strive to create a safe and secure environment so that you can achieve your goals, learn as much as possible, and feel completely relaxed to explore acting for the camera. If being in a family friendly program does not appeal to you, we can recommend other studios that will accommodate you.  By family friendly, we mean that, when in our power, we avoid gratuitous scene work involving significant violence, bad language and sexual content.   This is a grey area, so we appreciate your grace!

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