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Getting cast locally is no more difficult here in Texas than it is in LA or NYC or anywhere else where movies or TV are made.  You’ve got to do your due diligence as a student, an Actor, and as a self-marketer.   You gotta pray, then move your feet, and surround yourself with capable advisors.  Texas and Louisiana offer a consistenAria Appleton Logo 'themovie't and growing number of independent films, commercials and industrials as well as occasional major studio or major network projects to audition for.  It is ideal to approach these casting situations with a reputable Agent at your side.  We also recommend regular acting classes and training to make sure you’re always on your game.

In 2014, a number of local kids and adults were in the right place at the right time when Nathan and D’Lytha Myers, Co-Directors of the Fort Worth Actors Studio and Owners of Grafted Studios, Inc. decided to make a feature film.  The feature, Aria Appleton Shines Like the Sun, is now headed to market.  It was shot from December 2014 through April 2015 and remained in post production till May 2017.

This opportunity sprang up like water in a desert for many local actors and crew who believe there are not enough opportunities in our area.  And, though this IS somewhat true, Grafted Studios, inc. is on a mission to help create more opportunity for castings by producing local films.

The neat thing about FWAS is that our students will ALWAYS get first dibs at castings for Grafted Studios projects, and will receive special treatment as a member of our club in the form of demo reel development and quality coaching.

The industry is very much about who you know, and your success is generally reciprocal to the amount of belief, time and energy you spend in its pursuit.  And it is MOST DEFINITELY related to the people with whom you associate.

There are always lots of wonderful people and things happening and developing in our world.   Get close to FWAS and Grafted Studios to help nourish your career.  Grab hands with professionals who are creating streams in the desert.   Who knows?  Maybe the boat we’re building can carry us all.

Visit for more information about the Grafted Studios feature, Aria Appleton Shines Like the Sun.Aria Appleton Poster




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