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Voice and Diction


Cost: $180
About: Students will learn about breath work, the do’s and don’ts of “freeing” the natural voice, and begin getting rid of accents and harmful speech patterns. Students will begin to acquire “tools” that will help them read voice over scripts successfully and the class will focus on Anime, narration, political, and commercial scripts throughout the course. Each week, student’s will perform voice over reads and the instructor will provide feedback for student’s to grow and improve. During the final week, we will explore career options and finding auditions. 
Video Classes: There are be 4 video class sessions. You will receive links to videos and will be able to watch them at your convenience.
Virtual Critiques:
After you complete a video lesson, you will record 1-3 scripts (given to you by the instructor) and text or e-mail the reads to the instructor. She will give you a video critique back and then you will record the scripts again and text or e-mail them to D’Lytha. She will give you a final video critique back. 
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Examples of FWAS Voice Over Demos:

John’s Voice Over Demo
Katherine’s Voice Over Demo

Voice Over Demo Recording: Occasionally we offer this service. Check out to see if it is currently being offered!