Fort Worth Actors Studio

Resumes Tutorial

How do you create the perfect resume for TV/Film?  What’s expected?  What’s taboo?  What will make me seem cast-able and  intriguing?   What will make me look unprofessional?

These are a few questions answered in this module.  Below, you’ll find two videos about Do’s & Don’ts.  Watch both.

There’s also two sample resumes here.  Look them over closely, and use them as a template to begin laying out your resume.

VIDEOS on Do’s and Don’ts.

When you’re ready to build your resume, put it all on paper in a rough draft and then bring it to class so we can review it together.  You’re welcome to email your resume and headshots to us for a critique as well.  Resumes should be trimmed to the size of your headshot, so get a nice pair of scissors, or better yet, a paper trimmer for accuracy.

Nathan & D’Lytha.