Fort Worth Actors Studio


Matter of Time Advanced Casting Opportunity: The Production team will look at hand-picked tapes filtered through FWAS. Please submit your headshot/resume/tape and basic coverletter for consideration to: D’Lytha is acting as Casting Director Assistant for this initial round of casting. This is a highly unusual opportunity for FWAS Talent; take advantage.

If your tape is selected (FWAS quality Tapes that look professionally produced and represent what we’ve taught you), you will be given a direct link to submit the same tape to the Director for his consideration. IF the Director likes what he sees, you will likely be asked to submit a second tape. Don’t get too attached to the character sides below as a couple of them are pre-cast. There are SEVERAL day-player and supporting roles up for grabs. We’re hoping FWAS can sweep them all. Make us proud!

This link is private, and this casting opportunity is ONLY for alums of Fort Worth Actors Studio. Do not forward. Consideration or participation in this opportunity assumes your polite Non-Disclosure of info proprietary to this project. Do NOT share with others.

Clues for casting: This project is a little bit “Back to the future,” a little bit ‘Fringe,’ and a little bit “Free Guy.” It’s grounded in reality but can be a little ironic or campy and fun.

Project: Matter of Time

EP: Sean Astin

Writer/Producer/Director: Jeremy Snead

Writer/Producer: Jason Baumgardner

Production Designer: Nathan D. Myers

CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS: Please select a character type, choose sides from below, and create a tape. Please include a slate at the end of the tape; name, height, agency, and affiliation with FWAS, available to work local to DFW.


Late 20s/Early 30s – Every man, lovable nerd – A Jake Johnson (new girl) type. Noah Centineo (the recruit)


30s/40s – Charlie’s mother – Instantly lovable, tender, heart-warming and inspiring. A Sarah Paulson, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon type

BILL (Dad)

60s/70s – Charlie’s father – An aging father with severe memory/dementia issues. A Dennis Quaid or Michael Rooker type.


30s/40s – Ambitious, cocky boss of a game development company – Will Arnet in Hot Rod


20s/30s – Successful leading lady, love interest of Charlie, girl next door, best friend. Video Game Company developer.