Fort Worth Actors Studio

Demo Reel Clip Creation

ARecording Dates: Saturday, June 13th (2020), Noon—10 PM AND Sunday, June 14th (2020), Noon—10 PM (specific times e-mailed to you – have both dates free)

Zoom Virtual Rehearsal Dates: Either Sunday, May 24th OR Thursday, May 28th. All between 6:00-10 PM (specific times e-mailed to you) 

Live, in person, Rehearsal Dates: Thursday, June 4th OR Friday, June 5th. Both between 4:00 and 10:00 PM (specific times e-mailed to you).

Cost: $300 (we can split this into two payments, one due by May 23rd and the other due by June 11th if you’d like.)

There will be only six people in the building: you, the DP, Sound Guy/Gal, Script Supervisor, a PA, and the Director. No one will be wearing masks.

After filming is complete, the Editor will create two short clips for you (around 30 seconds) to use on Actors Access, to get agencies interested in you, and to send to casting directors. Turn around time is 2 weeks to 2 months. 

You can request specific chunks of time on the rehearsal and filming dates— you don’t have to be available for the entirety of the day. In our rehearsals, we will be working with small groups or individuals, not the entire group that is taking the Demo Reel Clip Creation. 

This Demo Reel Clip Creation is different from our previous Demo Reel Labs. You are NOT going to film COMPLETE scenes. For the Demo Reel Clip Creation, we will fully produce TWO 30 SECOND MONOLOGUES of you. There will be no reaction shots from another person and there will not be wide shots. There will only be your face for 30 seconds on screen. This is what is needed in producing a demo reel and this is what the casting directors want to see. Since you are going to film two monologues, there is a great possibility we will need you on both June 13th and June 14th, so please have those dates available. 

There is no pre-req to join the Demo Reel Clip Creation EXCEPT that you must understand your archetype & subtypes, and how you want to market yourself. If you do not understand these things, you need to take Nathan’s Character Development (online) before our first meeting day (May 24th). 

Before our first meeting on May 24th, you will be e-mailed a brief video describing the homework you need to bring to the first meeting. Some of the homework will include deciding on what archetypes/sub-types you want to capture in your demo reel and what genres of film you would like the clips to look like. 

Finally, this will require you to write or locate your own material. We will coach you through creating original material if you decide to write it yourself. The video we send will help coach you through creating this material. To be clear, we are not writing your monologues for you. If you need help with the writing of your monologues, you may be able to hire Jason Davidson to either write for you or work with you on the writing. Inquire to him for his pricing. 

E-mail to let her know you’d like to take the Demo Reel Clip Creation (along with times that work for you and if you need the payment divided into two equal payments). Once she has enough interest and a rough working schedule, she will send you an invoice. If there are too few participants, this event will be cancelled.