Fort Worth Actors Studio

Cover letter

Here’s a sample cover letter for agent submissions.  Don’t over analyze this.  It’s simple.  Introduce yourself.  Tell them your dream in brief, then thank them for reviewing your submission.   Remember to follow EACH agency’s SPECIFIC instructions.  Do NOT deviate.  Send it, wait six weeks or more (per their instructions), then celebrate or try again.  Resubmission policies are real.  Don’t annoy them and get black-listed.  Be polite.  Follow instructions to the tee.  Modify the following letter to suit your personal needs.

“Dear Teresa or To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Lorenzo Graham.  I am an Actor passionate about acting and performing.  I was recently cast in the short film “Superb” for Rack Focus, and I also recently did a local commercial.  I feel that having an Agent is the logical next step in my journey.  Please consider my headshots, resume, demo reel, and comp card that are all attached.

I would be be honored to be represented by your agency and was referred to you by Fort Worth Actors Studio where I am a  regular student.  Please contact D’Lytha or Nathan D. Myers as a character reference.

Thank you, again for your consideration.


Lorenzo Graham


attachment: headshots

attachment: resume”