Archetypes – What Type am I?

I’m not a Doctor… I just play one on television.  This has become a cliche because there ARE people we would trust or BELIEVE as a doctor on television and those we would not.  And then there are those, Tricksters like a Robin Williams who, within their type, might not typically be cast as a Doctor but turned Patch Adams into gold.

There are numerous character types on film and television and you, generally, fit a few of them.  There ARE certain types that will be MUCH easier for you to play than others, and there will be types that play against your natural type.  Occasionally it’s fun to play against your type.  By this, I mean, play a character, perhaps a villain, that you might rarely get the opportunity to play because you just look so …… NICE!

You get the idea.  As we go, we attempt to help students identify their types so that they can have much better odds when they submit for roles.  You don’t want to misjudge your type and submit for roles you’d never get.  Be realistic, be honest, and get real about what you are likely to play on TV or in a Movie.  There are simply limitations until you have developed a rock-star reputation.  Your skin color CAN limit you.  Let’s get OK with this.  Don’t walk in offense.  Your gender CAN limit you.  Let’s get ok with this too.  Stories are filled with various colors, shapes, sizes, genders… and, well……ARCHETYPES.

The following link opens a document that we utilize in class.  It documents the various Jungian archetypes and gives a description of each along with some types within films/tv and there’s even as section about how brands use archetypes to sell– very interesting stuff.

When in doubt, ask your teacher, (us) your friends and others around you.  Ask your current class members.  Those around you can help “type” you if you’re struggling.   Then consider your type when you have your headshots and character shots made.  It matters.

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