Acting classes in Fort Worth for teens AND adults that are ON CAMERA.

We offer Acting for the Camera classes in person, as well as online from time to time. New students, ages 14 to 99, in the DFW area, with little to no experience, should consider taking our Cold Read Bootcamp workshop before participating in live classes. For more information…


The successful TV/Film Actor possesses numerous skills and isn’t ashamed of training.  At the Fort Worth Actors Studio we help impart these skills and specialize in quality training that helps Actors to look their best on camera.  We teach various acting techniques, cold reading, audition skills, scene study, and improv so that our students become well rounded professionals in front of the camera.  We like to say that our studio is LIKE a ‘gymnasium’ for the actor where we “stretch, and flex our muscles” so that we can perform when it is time. Looking to register for Classes or Cold Read Bootcamp?  Click Here.

There are several things that set us apart from other acting studios:   One:  We’re in Fort Worth!  -a significant convenience for anyone living on the west side of DFW and a privilege for Dallas-ites who get to drive west.

Two:  We’re working with both teens AND adults.  But our primary claim to fame is our SAFE, friendly environment that we create for everyone.  We believe our words are vitally important and therefore we favor a positive reinforcement policy and carefully choose words that encourage our students while they hone their skills.  We want all who enter our doors to feel SAFE and secure while they train, grow, and have fun.

That’s cool, but I WANT TO GET AN AGENT!

If you’re seeking agency representation, you’re not alone.   Thus far, several of our talented students achieved regional or national agency representation with Kim Dawson, The Campbell Agency, The Clutts Agency,  Linda McAlister Talent, Treasure Coast Talent, Cachet Talent, Johnson Talent Agency, Boysen Talent Agency, Including, but not limited to: Jamie Perez, Belinda Marshall, Kristin Henderson, Stephen A. Elkins, Stacey Sheffield, Cynthia Banks McKinney, Mariana Tiliano, Harper Rose, Bryan Fernandez, Farhan Ali, Natalie Williams, Reese McMillan, Norman Ridgeway, Charlie Hodges, Geoffrey Panlaque, Karen Graham, Lorenzo Aviles,  Stephen Newton, Averi White, Clint Foster, Tim Meadows, Sandra Ray Tindol, Kelly Kidd and Carla Kidd, Stephanie Parker, & Julie K. Rhodes.

ALL have credited FWAS’ Cold Read Boot Camp and continued classes as a crucial factor in their development and success. And the list continues to grow.


Throughout the year, we create opportunities for FWAS students to, not only hear from our outstanding Instructors, but to hear from other working professionals, as well.  Since 2015, we have had excellent workshops from the likes of: Eric Nelsen (1883, The Bay), Sainty Nelsen (The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!)  Quantico’s and Phantom of the Opera’s Jay Armstrong Johnson, The Actor’s Richard Blake, 90210’s Abbie Cobb, Broadway’s Kristen Beth Williams, and Cinderella Story’s Andrea Avery Ray, Better Call Saul and Army of the Dead’s Zach Rose, Lioness and Unbelievable’s Austin Hebert, Vindication’s Todd Terry, and more.

We’re also pretty tight with the Fort Worth Film Commission, Lonestar Film Festival, and many of our SAG franchised Agents and Casting Directors, like Kina Bale-Reed of Cast-o-matic.

Ok.  Awesome, but who are your regular Instructors?  Click here to learn more.

If you choose to take class with us throughout the year, you will also have opportunities to add material to your actor demo reel.  When we film our demo reel scene work, we treat you like an actor on a real set.  Take a look at some of the results below. This Youtube playlist has several, original 2-3 minute reels produced by Nathan D. Myers for FWAS students.



If you are wondering about…Dallas acting agencies, Dallas acting auditions, Dallas acting schools, Dallas acting classes, acting classes in Fort Worth, acting classes for kids in Fort Worth, or any combination of the above words, check us out.  We also offer Summer Acting Classes in Fort Worth, Hollywood Masterclasses, and 4 week Acting for the Camera classes/sessions.  What a deal!

You may audit a free acting class in Fort Worth by e-mailing and letting her know that you would like to check out a DFW acting class.

Are you a represented actor that needs to add material to your demo reel?

Are you an aspiring actor who wants an agent?

Are you a hobbyist who is hoping to give acting a try?

Regardless of your level of experience, the Fort Worth Actors Studio is for you.

We support and encourage each other.

We create a positive environment and keep it clean.

We are a group of ALL ages.

If this sounds like fun and just the breath of fresh air you are looking for, join us for our on camera acting classes in Fort Worth!