Voice and Diction


Cost: $160
Virtual Classes: There will be four class sessions. You will receive links to videos on Fridays (class begins the first Friday after you purchase the class). You will be able to watch them at your convenience.
Virtual Critiques:
After you complete a video lesson, you will record 1-3 scripts (given to you by the instructor) and text or e-mail the reads to the instructor. She will give you a video critique back and then you will record the scripts again and text or e-mail them to D’Lytha. She will give you a final video critique back. These need to be completed by Thursday nights (6 days after the video lesson for the week).
Bonus: For those students interested in recording a Voice Over Demo, we occasionally create these at our Studio. E-mail dlythamyers@gmail.com to see when the next Demo Reel Recording Session will be.
Sign up for the Voice & Diction Class: 

Examples of FWAS Voice Over Demos:

John’s Voice Over Demo
Katherine’s Voice Over Demo

Voice Over Demo Recording 

Recording Date: Saturday, June 6th 

Noon—4 PM (specific time e-mailed to you)

Cost: $100

The only people in the building will be you & either Nathan or D’Lytha

You will record 5 short commercial scripts in our studio. When read, they need to be timed at less then one minute. You will get a completed, fully produced Commercial Demo Reel (with music beds) within one month from recording date. You should come in ready to record. You bring the 5 scripts you want to lay down, already rehearsed. If you need to schedule additional coaching time with either Nathan or D’Lytha, e-mail dlytha@fwactors.com. 30 minute coaching session is $35. 

If you haven’t taken D’Lytha’s Voice & Diction/Voice Over class, we highly recommend it before you record a demo reel. It is available online (register above). 

If you would like to record a Narration, Anime, Political, or Announcer Voice Over Demo Reel, you may do so at an additional $100 per demo reel.

E-mail dlytha@fwactors.com to let her know you want to sign up for this. Once there are enough participants, she will e-mail you an invoice to pay for the Voice Over Demo Recording.