Voice and Diction

Cost: $45 for current members, $95 for non-members
Virtual Classes: There will be three class sessions. You will receive links to videos on Fridays (class begins the first Friday after you purchase the class). You will be able to watch them at your convenience – the passwords will be “good” for 3 months after the release date.
Virtual Critiques:
After you complete a video lesson, you will record 2-3 scripts (given to you by the instructor) and text or e-mail the reads to the instructor. She will give you a video critique back and then you will record the scripts again and text or e-mail them to D’Lytha. She will give you a final video critique back. These need to be completed by Thursday nights (6 days after the video lesson for the week).
Bonus: For those students interested in recording a Voice Over Demo, we occasionally create these at our Studio. E-mail dlythamyers@gmail.com to see when the next Demo Reel Recording Session will be.
Sign up for the Voice & Diction Class: 

Examples of FWAS Voice Over Demos:

John’s Voice Over Demo
Katherine’s Voice Over Demo